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    Default Question: Variable power on a Cobra 29 LX BT, link inside

    I've read the basic radio inside the LX's is a good old cobra 29.

    I've got a cobra 29 LX BT on the way to replace my cobra 29 WXNWBT in the truck.

    I plan to slip a TS DX250 in there also.

    So I need variable power or at least drop the deadkey to around 1-2 watts.

    I found a good little file on CBtricks:

    Does anyone know if that will work on the new LX's?

    I'm no rad tech, but I can follow directions, am not scared to tear into something and have had the high reliability soldering course through work so no issues there.

    Oh, on last thing I don't quite get from the diagram: one leg from the pot goes to "coil" and shows L15 for a cobra 29. Does that mean to solder it to the case of the L15?

    I've also read in a couple places that the tip120 mod is old and no one who "knows" doesn't use it anymore. Is that true and if so, what is the "new" way?

    I'm just looking to get out a little more with the least amount of bleedover/splatter as possible. I'm also a little limited on funds at the moment, so the cobra 29 LX BT (bleed my fun money account pretty much dry) and the dx 250 is what I have to go with for the next year or two.

    Any help appreciated, I hate letting the smoke out on the first fire up......burning it up when working it hard is another story.

    That's just what you pay to play and you've got no one to blame but yourself!

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    Default Question: Variable power on a Cobra 29 LX BT, link inside

    That mod from cb tricks works good. Take your time. Follow the directions. Solder the wire to L15 as shown. You will solder it to the leg easiest to get to. This mod works with a tip120 tip 31 tip41. I've even seen a 2sc2078 final used. They all work great.

    Instead of drilling a hole I'd use the rf gain or delta tune pot and use the other for echo. No holes need to be drilled

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