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    Default Palomar 300A questions on 6kd6 tubes ???

    When the spec sheet says 33 watts dissipation on ONE 6kd6 tube. Does that mean that ideally my Dead Key should be 132Watts??? 4 6kd6 tubes times 33 watts = 132watts for a perfect dead key? Say I tune it for max and get 200 watts DK ? Does that mean my tubes are now dissipating 50w per tube and they will go bad sooner due to too many dissipation watts over the tube design of 33 watts dissipation. Thanks for helping out a newbie with a great amp and is trying not to blow it. AND if really am off base please do set me straight if I am going about my calculations wrong
    You guys got a great site here and one of your members 218TX really set me straight on how to tune this amp and again thanks to all and do not forget I am a newbie an appreciate any help

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    Dissipation means the safe amount a tube can dissipate as unwanted heat.

    Amplifiers have plate power input which is the power used by the tube.

    They also have efficiency based on the circuit design.

    The difference between the plate power input and the power out the pipe is the dissipation. All wasted power.

    For example:

    100 watts plate power input (do not confuse this with drive power) 60 watts R.F power out the pipe to the antenna.

    This circuit is 60% efficient and must dissipate 40 watts power.

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