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    well i run a cobra 2000gtl base with a jaber 250 driving a 4 pill dominator
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    Default maco model 150 receive amplifier

    I have a maco preamp was just wondering if anyone else had one of these and do you have any problems with it? The one I have looks like it has poor designing.there is a wire on the back side of this board that has to touch the bare metal of the case in order for it to work correctly. The way the antenna is hooked up to the board is kinda crappy too. the board in mine you have to wiggle it to get a good connection if not it will throw out a god awful noise. I have tried to repair these problems but now I am wondering if it is a waste of time.

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    I personally have never ran a external pre-amp....I dont think they really have a place on a CB or a ham radio.

    I have known a few who have had the maco pre-amps and I dont think any of them cared for it...not really to much to any pre-amp.
    They also raise the noise ceiling too........

    My advice is chunk it..........Just my personal opinion.:rolleyes:


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